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Our Service


If you are looking for space management or interior renovation solution, you are in the right place.


Solartron offers a “one-stop” solution of building material supply and services

With the synergy of our team, we create an Effective Vendor System that simplifies communication channels, minimizes risk and better project control.

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Space Management 

Our purpose is to achieve your goals and ideas in mind, and we believe that communication is essential in customizing the best solution for you and select the product that matches your needs.

   Material Supply

Our products are from international brands, they are aesthetic, excel in quality, cost-effective and durable.


Our logistic team is specialized in delivering building material, we ensure a safe and on-time delivery.


We are proud of our long-serving technicians for their delicate workmanship and professionalism.

Customer Care

We understand that technical support is essential to you.

Therefore, we offer a free technical training session on your request including tutorial and Q&A section to complete the service.

Last but not least, a 24 months warranty is applied to individual products.

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