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On this topic we are going to discuss the growing trend of coworking space, as there are more and more coworking space available on the market.

What is coworking space?

It is a shared workspace that equipped with office furniture, amenities and technology. There are multiple renting plans for members to choose, members will need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the facilities. The idea of coworking space is to create an opened, collaborative working experience to all sizes of business.

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What is the difference between coworking space and private office?


Coworking Space

Lower rental cost - Needless to say, the membership fee covers most of the office necessity that you required, and the properties are well managed. Besides, most of the coworking space are well-designed, cosy and comfortable, they usually offer free snacks and coffee etc,.

Private office

Higher leasing cost - It usually required at least one year lease contract, so you want to be careful when choosing the location and the size of your office.


Coworking Space

Although coworking space is not as common as traditional office, there are plenty of coworking space choices in Hong Kong. They are usually located in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island district, and some of them are open 24/7, even if you are a night owl, you can be productive whenever you are inspired.

Private office

Of course, you can choose your preferred location anywhere, and different location has a different lease rate, not all the premises are available 24/7 and even if they do, the facilities might partly closed at night, you might not experience the same warm welcoming ambience as the coworking space late at night.

Privacy & Network

Coworking Space

You will expect that there are distractions sometimes, as you are surrounded by talents and entrepreneurs, answering phone calls, chit chatting, walking around, yet multifunction room is available for you to reserve in advance for a meeting or an event, that way you can run your event smoothly away from the chaos.

Perks: More talents means greater opportunity, networking and collaboration begins here, ideas and inspiration are exchanged freely. If you are working in creative industry, coworking space is your gem.

Private office

Traditional office offers greater privacy for individuals to work on their own task independently, the working environment is more likely to discourage collaborative working, yet it is suitable for non-creative businesses, and business that require to project a professional image to their clients.

What do you think?

Do you prefer to work in a private office or coworking space as an employee? Would you consider to rent a coworking space to start off your business?

Ucommune - Mong Kok - Furgo Movable Wall

Updated: Apr 21

The notion of having an open workspace in the past decade has become prominent. However, as spaces becoming smaller inflated by absurd rent increases, companies undergo burdensome ways to maximise the usage of their limited space.

Moveable walls are architectural products that have existed for over a century. It is an alternative to traditional concrete walls while serving the same purpose of dividing space into two. The difference is that movable walls benefit from its flexibility of changing spaces, making it a viable option to companies who are looking to efficiently use their space.

Before choosing the layout of your space, you might want to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. The utility of your space Whether it is a campus, workspace, recreation centre, etc. As long as it serves a multi-functional purpose, movable walls would be a perfect choice for your space management solution. It is all about flexibility. Check out our projects.

  2. Privacy and STC As the interior design industry is following the trend of an open floor plan, there are less fixed rooms within a space. As such, the importance of privacy is often neglected. Therefore having a movable wall system allows you to create private rooms whenever you need it. Besides visual privacy, acoustic privacy (STC) is another aspect to consider. STC is the ability to prevent the transfer of sound from one area to another. The effective STC should be in between 35 to 50 in order to achieve its acoustic performance. For more information, please refer to our webpage.

  3. Aesthetic Choosing the finishing for your movable walls would be the fun part. It is like dressing up your wall and making it good-looking. Some have used glazed walls to create a sleek and minimal finish, while others have used wallpapers or fabrics with vibrant colours. We also have the option to add marker boards to make it more functional.

  4. Ease of use The process of setting up a movable wall system required a manual method by rolling the handle to lock down the wall followed by extending the top and bottom seals. Thanks to the manufacturer's invention, that process is now replaced by an automatic version.

  5. Durability An excellent movable wall system should last for a long time with low maintenance cost. You should expect the movable walls are easy to slide and smoother as you use them.

  6. Safety Safety is crucial when using movable walls. It is the one place where accidents may occur. To give an example, the partitions may fall off the track when you try to assemble the room. For that reason, we make sure that the track system is secured and the whole system is carefully installed.

  7. Price It is not about the cost of the system. It is about your return on investment (ROI). You save on time, labour, and construction fees if you use our system. As well as having the flexibility of changing your space if and when you need it.

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